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About Cub

For over 50 years, Cub has been providing the community with a great place to shop for groceries along with a variety of other products. Placing a high value on offering low prices and quality goods is what keeps locals coming back to their favorite Cub store again and again. In addition, people love their friendly employees, who always seem ready and willing to help customers find what they're looking for. Because Cub provides a welcoming environment to all of its employees and customers, the store is a happy place where you can get everything you need.

From picking up a prescription at the pharmacy to ordering a custom cake in the bakery, this store has you covered. It won't matter whether you're throwing a big party or just cooking dinner for the family, you can find all the products you need at Cub. With the Cub Reward program, a mobile app, coupons, and fuel rewards, the potential for savings is endless when you choose to shop at Cub. For your convenience, this retailer operates locations across Minnesota and Illinois.

To make shopping at Cub even easier, check out Instacart. We’ll aim to make your Cub delivery or Cub pickup go smoothly every time you order, and all of our dedicated shoppers work hard to get you the products you desire.

Why should you shop at Cub?

Cub is a perfect example of what a grocery retailer should be. They offer a clean, well-stocked store with all the products and brands you could want. Fill your cart with items from popular retailers as well as products from the store's Wild Harvest organic brand and their Essential Everyday brand, which features high-quality food options available in a variety of departments.

Some of our customers have particularly enjoyed signature items from the Wild Harvest brand, including herbs, coffee, and frozen vegetables. The dairy department provides the things you use everyday, such as sour cream, shredded and sliced cheese, and cream cheese, in the Essential Everyday brand for a reasonable price. The Essential Everyday brand doesn't stop at food products, however, as you can also get household essentials like trash bags and pet food added to your Instacart order.

If you don't feel like cooking dinner tonight, check out one of the quick and easy meal deals that you can have delivered right to your door via Instacart or Cub delivery. Get the family meal deal with eight pieces of chicken, a 2-liter Coca-Cola product, a side of either potato or macaroni salad, and four Hawaiian King rolls to the feed the family instead of preparing dinner.

What products does Cub carry?

Cub carries all the products you and your family love, and Instacart makes it easy for you to browse the wide selection they offer and choose the items you want right from your home, saving you tons of time. You can get name brand items in addition to their own product lines.

Only the freshest meat and produce can be found on the shelves. Whether you want fresh, frozen, or canned, you can find fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy. Even organic options are available, including some from the Wild Harvest brand. From the meat and seafood department, you can add items to your cart like shrimp, ground beef, pork ribs, bacon, and lobster. The bakery is great for grabbing fresh cookies, croissants, bread, and more.

When you need a bottle of wine to go with dinner or some beer to enjoy after work, check out Cub Liquor. If you're having a party, order a custom cake or fun cupcakes from the bakery. Party trays and sandwiches are also available to make your event really shine. No matter whether you're hosting a party of 50 or you need a week of groceries for one, Instacart can help.

Can you order from Cub online?

Ordering online with Cub delivery or placing an order for pickup through Instacart are both great ways to save you time during your busy day.By downloading the Instacart app, you can easily add items to your Cub shopping list from anywhere. This means you can do your grocery shopping without having to bring the kids or leave while you're sitting on your comfortable couch watching your favorite show.

You'll have access to all the great products you can get when shopping at Cub in person, without having to leave the house. On the same note, you don't have to worry about losing out on discounts or savings opportunities because they're all available to you when you use Instacart to place your grocery pickup or delivery order. Shopping online is an excellent way to save time, and Cub is ready to provide the same wonderful customer service to its online shoppers that it provides to those shopping in the store.

Choose from hundreds of products from every department when ordering online from Cub. Basic items like milk, bread, apples, chicken, and cereal are quick and easy to find. Search for your favorite organic products such as peanut butter, pasta, and cookies in the Wild Harvest brand. The Instacart app makes it all too easy to shop at Cub.

How to order from Cub

Placing an order for delivery or curbside pickup is a breeze when you use the Cub delivery service or the Instacart app. After downloading the app, all you have to do is pick out the items you want and need, set a time for delivery or pickup, and then let us do the rest. All the products you use and love are ready and waiting at your fingertips. Just select what you want and our dedicated shoppers will pick out your items and bring them to you.

If you decide to pick up your order yourself, you'll have a set of designated parking spots at the store where you can wait for your purchase. When it's ready, a Cub employee will bring your order out to you and load it into your car, making it a fast process that takes only a few minutes. Instacart ensures you have more time to do the things you love.

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