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A Renewed Commitment to the Shopper Community



Mar 10, 2022

Over the past several months, we’ve been working closely with the shopper community to develop an even greater understanding of who shoppers are, why you shop with Instacart, and how we can better support you in your experience on our platform.

Through in-depth focus groups, surveys, shopper phone calls, Shop Talk learnings, and more, we’ve gained tremendous insight into the values that matter most to shoppers, and how we may be able to deliver on these values to build an even more meaningful relationship with the 600,000 shoppers who earn on our platform.

Above all, it’s important to us to ensure that shoppers feel heard, respected, prioritized, and cared for as important members of this community. Based on our learnings, we’re introducing a renewed commitment to shoppers, which we will continue to build on over the next several months.

The flexible earnings you crave, delivered with care

We understand that Instacart shoppers are unique and differentiated in your goals and approach to finding the right earnings opportunity for you. You can drop off passengers at the airport or pick up food from a restaurant, but shopping with Instacart is different. This work takes someone special, someone solutions-oriented. 

As a shopper, you balance empathy and efficiency, communication and problem-solving. With every carefully considered substitution, expiration-date examined, and order delivered, you master our platform and delight your customers. As you fulfill each batch, you get to know your local retailers and foster your local community.

When you work, where you work, and what work you take is all up to you. You can do two hours today and eight tomorrow. You can save up for back-to-school supplies without missing the school play. You can pay for gas this week and a car payment next month. Instacart provides the resources and support to help you make it happen.

Your service goes well beyond delivering ingredients — you’re connecting households with the essential items they need to thrive. As an important part of the Instacart community, you help us invite the world to share love through food.

Shopping with Instacart is more than a way to earn — it’s work that shows you care.

Our commitment to the shopper community

Shoppers put unmatched care into every item you pick, communicating with your customer every step of the way and delivering with a smile. As a company, we want you to feel the same level of care and commitment from Instacart as you give to your customers every day.

This is an ongoing effort that includes building the product features that you need and want most, investing in more support and recognition for shoppers, and making meaningful policy changes rooted in care for the community — all based on direct shopper feedback.

Today, we’re taking an important next step by introducing four new commitments that will deliver on these efforts, furthering a relationship with shoppers based on mutual trust and meaningful action.

Support while you shop and beyond: We value you as a member of the Instacart community. We strive to proactively provide you with the support and safety that makes your shopping experience as seamless as possible and protects you while you work. Whether you shop to pay for the day-to-day or to save for the future, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Ingredients to earn on your terms: We strive to equip you with information on the best way to earn, so you can earn what you need, when you need it. Whether your goal is to make some quick cash or to save for something bigger, features like Instant Cashout and progress tracking help you maximize your effort. How much you work, which batches you take and how far you drive — it’s all up to you.

A community built on best intent: We believe best intent goes both ways. We act with consideration and compassion for the Instacart community and ask that our shoppers and customers assume the best of us and each other. If things don’t go to plan, we’ll handle the situation with the utmost attention, care and concern to find the best possible outcome for everyone.

Recognition and rewards for the best of the bunch: We know that being a shopper takes care, commitment and effort. At Instacart, we recognize hard work and reward the strongest shoppers with impactful incentives that help you stand out to your customers, improve your access to earnings and reach your personal goals.

Evolving the shopper experience to meet these commitments

To accompany these commitments, we’re building meaningful product updates based on direct feedback from the shopper community. Moving forward, these commitments will be deeply ingrained in everything we do for shoppers, building an even better experience for the community of shoppers across North America. Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing a suite of product features aligned with each of these commitments that will have a direct impact on improving the shopper experience.

Starting this month, we are delivering on our commitment of giving shoppers support while you shop and beyond with several product features related to Care support, safety, and in-store navigation. You can read more about each of these features here on our shopper blog. Over the next three months, we’ll unveil new product offerings each month tied to one of these commitments to directly support shoppers.

Building on these shopper commitments will be a primary focus for our company in the months and years ahead, as we continue to make improvements based on these core commitments and in response to direct shopper feedback. We’re recommitting to the shopper community because it’s important for us to build a lasting relationship with our shoppers — one that is rooted in trust and action. 

By continuing to build a culture and platform based on support, flexible earnings, community, and recognition, we will enhance the shopper experience and usher in a new promise to provide the flexible earnings you crave, delivered with care.

Batches subject to availability. Actual earnings may vary. Terms apply.



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