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News & New Releases: Introducing New Landing Pages for Brands



Apr 11, 2022

In our News & New Releases series we’ll be sharing information about product releases and new features built by the Instacart Ads team, as well as any news that might be of interest to our brand partners. 

In this article we take a look at the latest component of our ads platform: brand pages. These are custom, shoppable landing pages on the Instacart Marketplace that you can design to host a curated view of your product offerings. We’re hosting an upcoming webinar on May 11 to demo how brand pages work. Register now and read on to learn more about brand pages.

Brand pages let you drive traffic to your own shoppable storefront on the Instacart Marketplace. This new advertising solution serves as a landing page within Instacart that you can design with your own creative assets and curate with the products from your portfolio that you want to highlight.

Example of a brand page from Eureka Farms

Whether the goal is unveiling new product innovations, merchandising best sellers, or capitalizing on seasonal moments to drive sales for related products — like introducing new summer mocktail popsicles — brand pages can help across a variety of use cases. They offer a central location on the Instacart Marketplace where consumers can shop your products online and get them delivered fast — often in as little as one hour.

Example of brand page with ice cream

What do brand pages look like?

Brand pages are your home on the Instacart Marketplace to design and tell your story however you like — which includes your creative assets and your merchandising. 

It’s like having an aisle all to yourself — you decide what products to place there, on what shelves, what signage or banners you want above the aisle, and what products you want to highlight on the endcap. 

You can customize your brand page so it displays how you want — choosing from page elements like banners, product selection, spotlighted products, and imagery with text before defining the layout. Here’s an example of how you can even tie in recipe inspiration:

example of brand page with recipe embedded in it

How do brand pages help?

You likely already have places where you share information about your company and your products, like a website and social media accounts. But where might you send customers who are browsing digitally and inspired to shop your products right then and there?

Brand pages on Instacart let you keep that customer journey going. You can link to this ‘home’ for your brand on our platform even if the customer is browsing elsewhere.

For example, imagine a potential customer sees an ad for your new gourmet ice cream on social media. They love ice cream and they’re intrigued by the colorful creative. When they see it, they click it and land right on your brand page, where you’ve strategically highlighted your newest line of summer flavors and collections:

brand page showing summer flavors of ice cream

Say this potential customer has never tried Watermelon Sugar ice cream before. They see it on your brand page and add it to their cart and check out immediately so they can try it for the first time and share it with their family and friends. Your brand page, with products curated into themed collections for discoverability, has raised awareness, generated new interest and even resulted in a sale.

Another important value-add for your brand page is that it’s shoppable. These shoppable brand pages provide consumers all the ease of use of the Instacart Marketplace, where they can easily shop for groceries from one their favorite retailers, but on a custom-designed and branded page featuring a curated selection of just your products. 

Plus, when the planned updates to display ads are released in the near future, you’ll be able to link your display ads to your shoppable brand page. This can help link brand awareness efforts more closely to consideration at the point of purchase. 

Where can I learn more about brand pages?

This announcement is just one component of our launch plans for this great new feature. We’re also running a virtual event, free to join, on May 11 for you to learn more about brand pages. This event will feature a discussion on some of the concepts and inner workings foundational to brand pages, best practices, a live demo and more. Register here, and if you can’t make it, we’ll share a link to a recording of the event on the Instacart Ads blog

For our existing brand partners, expect to hear more about brand pages from your Instacart representative, or you can reach out to them directly to learn more.

If you aren’t yet partnering with us but you’re still interested in setting up a brand page, you can do so as long as your products are carried by one of our retailer partners. There’s no cost to you, so contact us to get started.



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