23 Spooky Kid Food Ideas for Halloween



Last Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Are you holding a Halloween party for the little ones? If you need kid-friendly food ideas this All Hallow’s Eve, bookmark this comprehensive list that ranges from sweet to savory, healthy to decadent, to appeal to all taste buds.

The best kid food ideas for Halloween

We know the little ones can be picky when it comes to food. But when you stuff mac ‘n’ cheese in Jack ‘o’ lantern pumpkins or sneak in some fruits in their monster-themed acai bowl, you’d be surprised how fast they wolf them down. Read on to find out more.

1. Casper cookie dough

Casper cookie dough and rolling pin.

For a sweet treat, Casper-shaped cookie dough is the perfect Halloween dessert for kids—no cooking required. All you need to do is use a ghost-shaped cookie cutter on a large sheet of (safe to eat) edible cookie dough. Then, pipe a spooky expression on each cookie with chocolate frosting.

2. Ghostified pancakes

You can reuse the previous kid-friendly food idea for pancakes. Try chocolate-flavored pancakes for a yummy treat, or fill them with blueberries for a healthy twist. Spread cream cheese frosting on top for a ghostly white look.

3. Mummified double chocolate muffins

Dress up double chocolate muffins with lashes of melted marshmallow frosting to create mummified rags. Top off each muffin with a pair of candy eyeballs.

4. Mac ‘n’ cheese jack ‘o’ lanterns

This healthy Halloween snack will be a hit with the kids. Hollow out mini pumpkins, then carve scary-looking grins on the front of each pepper. Spoon cooked mac ‘n’ cheese into each pumpkin and watch your little guests howl in delight.

5. Eyeball punch

The eyeball punch is a refreshing Halloween treat for kids. To make the eyeballs, stuff lychees with blueberries, then freeze them in an ice tray. Pop the frozen “eyeballs” into the punch bowl (any flavor works) for a scary-looking drink.

6. Eyeball pasta

Halloween eyeball pasta, above view on old wood with spiders

Eyeballs go well with pasta, too. Cut out small rounds of mozzarella cheese for the eye whites and slice up olives for the iris. Place a cheese round and an olive slice on each meatball and scatter the balls on your pasta dish.

7. Batty grilled cheese sandwiches

Savory grilled cheese sandwiches can turn eerie on Halloween. Use Batman sandwich cutters to create bat-shaped bread pieces. Slather on the butter and cheddar cheese before grilling the sandwiches.

8. Tombstone pudding cups

Tombstone pudding cups are fuss-free Halloween lunch ideas for kids. Cut out mini tombstones from a tortilla sheet, then bake them until crisp. Stick the tombstone tortillas into individual pudding cups of your choice.

9. Monster acai bowls

Another healthy Halloween snack is the monster acai bowl. Arrange fresh-cut fruits on an acai base to form a ghastly expression. This way, kids will eat their fruits with no complaints.

10. Skull-like apple pops

Put a fun twist on the classic candy apples and turn them into skeleton apple pops. Coat each candied apple with a layer of white chocolate frosting. Next, draw on skeleton faces with a piping bag of melted dark chocolate.

11. Jell-O brain

Halloween Jello brain dessert and cupcakes

A Jell-O brain may make your young guests feel queasy before the feasting begins. For this gory Halloween lunch idea, use strawberry-flavored Jell-O for a nice, bloody appearance. Prepare the Jell-O mixture, then pour it into a brain mold to set till it’s ready to serve.

12. Worm-filled candy apples

Decorate candied apples with creepy-crawly gummy worms. Scoop out a few holes in strategic places to make it seem like the worms are wriggling out of the apples.

13. Bloodshot deviled eggs

Bloodshot deviled eggs are a hair-raising Halloween party food for kids. To make your deviled eggs bloodshot, use a toothpick to trace thin lines of tomato sauce on the egg white portion.

14. Spooky pizza rounds

For a fun DIY Halloween lunch idea, give each kid mini pizza rounds and ask them to get creative. Supply them with spider-shaped olives, mummified cheese rags, and other creepy pizza toppings.

15. Krispy pumpkins

Homemade Halloween pumpkin rice krispie treats

Add orange food coloring and mold Rice Krispies into the shape of pumpkins. This Halloween treat for kids will have them ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

16. Severed breadstick fingers

Transform plain ol’ breadsticks into severed fingers as a witchy Halloween snack for kids. Place a whole almond at one end of the breadstick for deadened fingernails. Before baking, cut small creases into the dough to mimic human knuckles.

17. Spidery, velvety bites

For an easy-to-make Halloween food idea, dip no-bake red velvet bites in melted milk chocolate. Before they cool completely, stick two candy eyeballs on top. Cut black licorice into thin strips and attach eight spidery black legs to opposite sides of each cookie.

18. Batty donut rings

Drench glazed donut rings in melted dark chocolate and stick an Oreo half on opposite sides for the bat wings. Use two mini Hershey’s Kisses as the bat ears and two candy eyeballs for a cute-looking bat.

19. Spectral pretzels

Spooky Halloween mummy, candy dipped pretzel rods, close up on plate

For a healthy Halloween snack, coat gluten-free pretzels with a no-sugar white yogurt frosting. Place two blueberries for the eyes on each spectral pretzel.

20. Oreo witch hats

This kid food idea for Halloween is one of the easiest recipes. Spread a thin layer of pumpkin puree on an Oreo thin (choose the chocolate creme version for an all-dark base). Then, stick a Hershey’s Kiss on top to make a pointed witch hat.

21. Peanut butter haystacks

Peanut butter haystacks make for a tasty protein-rich treat. Break up pretzel sticks and mix them thoroughly with peanut butter in a mixing bowl. Mold the mix into mini “haystacks” on a baking tray and let them set until serving time.

22. One-eyed monster cookies

Create a cookie sandwich with melted milk chocolate in between two red velvet cookies. Place a giant candy eyeball on top to create one-eyed monster cookies.

23. Candy corn popcorn

Homemade Halloween trail mix with candy corn, popcorn and pretzels

The perfect party mix consists of candy corn tossed in popcorn. Mix cooked popcorn with candy corn kernels and melted white chocolate in a large mixing bowl, then let the mixture set. Feel free to add other Halloween goodies like M&Ms, salted almonds, and more.

It’s a jolly good time to be a kid

Halloween is every kid’s favorite time of the year, as they have a legitimate excuse to indulge in as many treats as they want. Whether you’re aiding them in their mission or steering them toward healthier alternatives, Instacart helps you put together kid-friendly recipes in as little time as possible, thanks to same-day delivery from local stores near you.



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