22 Halloween Savory Food Ideas for Those Without a Sweet Tooth



Last Updated: Sep 17, 2021

There’s no shortage of desserts when Halloween comes around, from cakes and muffins to chocolates and candy corn. But not everyone has a sweet tooth, which is why we created this guide on the top 22 Halloween savory food ideas.

Try these Halloween savory food ideas to whet their appetite

Whether you want a tasty dip for your crackers or go all out with the pies, your guests’ appetites will be well taken care of with these savory Halloween recipes. Try these savory Halloween appetizers and main dishes for your next spooky party.

1. Cobweb deviled eggs

Fun food for kids. Halloween boiled eggs with black olive spiders on top of them. Alternative to candy. Free space for text.

For a pretty Halloween savory food idea, boil eggs in any food coloring, then lightly crack their shells. Let the cracked eggs stew for a few hours to create colored “cobwebs” on the egg whites. Before serving, add on the toppings.

2. Pumpkin English muffins

Instead of sugary muffins, try this delicious alternative: English muffins. Slice a toasted muffin in half and apply your spread of choice. Use a toothpick to trace lines on the spread, then arrange a mint leaf at the top so that your muffin resembles a mini pumpkin.

3. Spidery hot dogs

Transform the usual pigs in a blanket into spidery monsters. Cut each end of the hotdog into four strips before baking.

4. Pulled pork nachos with meatballs

No one can say no to pulled pork nachos, which is why they will be a great hit at your party. Put an eerie spin on things with meatballs that look like eyeballs—place small rounds of sliced cheese and sliced olives on each meatball. Lastly, scatter these “eyeballs” on the nachos.

5. Spider web cheesy dip

Spooky Halloween Seven Layer Taco Dip: Turn a classic appetizer into a Halloween with of black olive spider .

Create a four-layer cheese dip with mozzarella, cream cheese, sour cream, and parmesan. Next, fill a piping bag with sour cream and carefully draw a giant spider web covering the entire dip.

6. Witchy guacamole dip

This is another Halloween food idea savory enough to tantalize their taste buds. Fill two-thirds of a large serving plate with guacamole dip (for the face) and the remaining one-third with black bean chips ( for the witch hat). Use thinly sliced string cheese for the hair, black olives for the eyes, a carrot slice for the nose, and a red radish for the mouth.

7. Graveyard spooky dip

The graveyard spooky dip only needs two things: your dip of choice and graveyard-shaped tortilla chips. For an eerie look, use a black bean or blue corn tortilla for the chips. Cut them into small graveyard shapes, then bake to crisp.

8. Spidery cheese crackers

For this easy savory Halloween party food, start with a large bowl of cheese crackers. Finish up with a few realistic-looking plastic spiders around the bowl to scare the guests.

9. Batty meatballs

Turn ready-to-eat meatballs into bat-like ones. All you need are tortilla chips shaped like wings and olive slices for the eyes. Stick two wing chips into a meatball on opposite sides and paste on the olive pieces.

10. Pizza boos

Halloween pizza with ghosts and spiders, above scene with decor on a rustic wood background

Get the pizza dough and your favorite toppings ready. Then, use a spectral-shaped cutter to create ghost-shaped cheese slices. They will add a delicious spooky vibe to your pizza. Alternatively, shape mozzarella on a larger pizza for multiple ghost figures.

11. Severed hand pie

For a gory-looking Halloween savory food idea, try this severed hand pie. Fill the hand-shaped pie with your filling of choice, then bake it. Once cooled, cut it in half and spread tomato sauce (kid-friendly) or hot salsa (for the adults) to create a “bloody wound.”

12. Skellington soup

Add chilling vibes to your usual soups and stews with the well-known Jack Skellington. Fill a piping bag with sour cream, then draw the famous character on the top of your dish.

13. Goblin wontons

Goblin wontons are an easy savory Halloween party food when frozen wontons are involved. Cook the wontons, then add two olive slices for the eyes and a red radish slice for the mouth.

14. Witchy carrot fingers

For a nutritious yet savory Halloween recipe, transform your average carrot sticks into witchy fingers. Cut horizontal grooves along each carrot stick for the knuckles and attach talon-like nails (made out of green peppers) with spreadable cream cheese.

15. Witch-like breadsticks

You can also reuse the previous savory Halloween appetizer with breadsticks. Choose cheese-stuffed garlic breadsticks for a gastronomic delight.

16. Severed fingers in a blanket

Creepy Halloween hot dog fingers on an orange plate over a rustic old wood background

Put a sinister spin on the usual franks in a blanket. Paste an almond slice to one end of the hotdog with some tomato sauce—Bake before serving.

17. Jack ‘o’ lantern mini pies

This savory Halloween appetizer is easy to make. Using store-bought mini pies, draw on Jack ‘o’ lantern expressions with cream cheese, and you’re done!

18. Mummified brie

The mummified brie will take center stage on your cheese platter. Cut puff pastry into thin strips and wrap them around the brie to make it look like a mummy. Bake until the pastry turns golden and top off with two black olives for the eyes.

19. Mummified meatballs

You can also substitute meatballs instead of brie for the previous idea. The same trick applies—wrap each meatball with pastry strips before baking.

20. Dracula dentures

Turn the typical Dracula dentures into a healthy yet savory Halloween party food. Cut a spinach wrap into two semi-circles and coat the insides with salsa. Next, slice string cheese into equal lengths for the teeth and arrange them between the wraps to form a ghoulish mouth.

21. Witchy calzones

Instead of the usual calzones, change up their shapes into witchy hats. Prepare your regular fillings—ricotta cheese, pepperoni, and pizza sauce—then get creative with the pizza dough.

22. Spider bread bowls

Spicy squash soup in ceramic pot.

This Halloween savory food idea is deceptively easy to make. Pour your soup of choice into bread bowls, then slice breadsticks into halves. Attach four halved breadsticks on each side with soft cheese to create spider legs.

Savory does the trick at All Hallow’s Eve

Instead of going on a sugar high this Halloween, why not try something savory? From the appetizers to the mains, your guests will want for nothing.

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