Try These 24 Halloween Food Puns to Crack Up Your Guests



Last Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Who says Halloween needs to be solely tricking and treating? Add a dose of cuteness in the form of food puns to see your guests crack a smile. Your next Halloween party will be the talk of the town with these food pun ideas.

What are Halloween food puns?

Food puns are a form of wordplay on the names of foods and dishes to create a different—often hilarious—meaning. Read on to find out what the chuckles are all about.

The tastiest Halloween food puns on the Internet

Ready to add Halloween food puns to your party menu? We’ve got you covered, from the appetizers to the mains to the desserts.

1. Happy Hollow-ween!

Carved pumpokin filled with guacamole and tortilla chips. Halloween party food. Selective focus.

Greet your host or hostess with the ever-charming jack ‘o’ lantern and a Halloween food pun. For a secret delight, stash their favorite candies in the hollowed-out pumpkin.

2. These devils are egg-cellent!

The usual deviled eggs at Halloween make for the perfect Halloween food puns. Plus, they really do taste eggcellent.

3. You donut scare me

Donuts dressed up for Halloween are tasty enough to crack up your guests with the right pun. Try owls, bats, and spiders for some spooky decor ideas.

4. Robert Brownie Jr.

Turn your usual brownies at Halloween into the Iron Man actor with this cute Halloween food pun. To make your brownies eerie-looking, pipe on cobwebs made of white chocolate frosting.

5. Trick or tequila!

The adults at your Halloween party will definitely get this pun—and the tequila shots you’re serving up. For a kid-friendly idea, serve up candy treats instead of alcoholic ones.

6. Can I get a Bloody Mary?

Bloody Mary cocktail in glass skull with celery sticks, pink salt, lime and canapes from canned vegetables. Halloween drink.

Here’s another boozy food pun for Halloween. All you need is a large jug of Bloody Mary at the drinks section.

7. Bone Appetit!

Skeleton-themed dishes on your menu will go well with this Halloween food pun. For example, skull-like candy apples and gingerbread skeletons.

8. Keep calm and carry a wand

Nothing says magical on Hallows’ Eve like fairy wands that look good enough to eat. Coat two-thirds of a breadstick with colorful chocolate frosting. Top off with rainbow sprinkles for a touch of fairy dust.

9. Oh my gourd!

The ideal gourd for this Halloween food pun has to be the pumpkins (duh). Try pumpkin gnocchi—these delectable bites of fried pumpkin dough will be sure to make your guests go, “Oh my gourd!”

10. You have no guts

For this gory-looking food idea, create edible intestines with rolled-out cinnamon rolls and raspberry jam (for a bloody look). Arrange the bread rolls in undulating patterns reminiscent of actual intestines.

11. Hey, boo-tiful!

Close-up sweet sugar Halloween cookies with glaze, focus on Boo inscription written on cookie.

This Casper-related pun works well for any ghostly food idea. Pair it with ghostified crostinis, ghost-shaped cookies, and more.

12. You make me batty

The perfect food pun for little kids. All you need is some batty Halloween food ideas—think itty bitty batty cupcakes that may or may not look like a gothic version of the Snitch.

13. Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about

A pumpkin masterpiece on the dessert table will give your guests something to talk about. Instead of the usual cakes, try a pumpkin tiramisu in a transparent cake bowl. The layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, pumpkin-flavored mascarpone cheese, and whipped cream will have them drooling before dessert is served.

14. These are fang-tastic!

Applies to any Halloween food featuring fangs. Try cookie sandwiches shaped like Dracula’s dentures. You will need mini marshmallows for the normal teeth and almond slices for the incisors.

15. Owl you doing?

Totally an apt greeting at any Halloween party. Complete the conversation starter with owl-shaped treats, such as owl s’mores and grilled cheese sandwiches.

16. You’re just my (blood) type

For a spine-chilling party drink, whip up some red fruit punch, and ladle them into individual glasses. Then, paste on different blood types—A, O, AB—on the front of each drink.

17. I only have pies for you

Halloween kids party pumpkin pie with a cute smiling face, top view

Let your guests eat pies this Hallows’ Eve. Serve up mummified apple pies, jack ‘o’ lantern pork pies, and other witchy creations you can come up with.

18. Witch candy is best?

For those with a sweet tooth, keep bowls of Halloween candies around the house. Go with pre-packed chocolate variety packs like mini Milky Ways and Snickers. Or DIY your own candy corn mix for the perfect candy corn pun.

19. Don’t brush it off

You can’t go wrong with broomstick food puns this scary season. Dish up witchy brooms made of pretzel sticks and cheese bristles for a savory snack.

20. Twix or treat!

Put a chocolatey spin on the usual trick or treat. No guest will ever be able to resist this Halloween candy pun accompanied by a Twix bar.

21. Lift your spirits

What better way to share in the holiday spirit than with actual spirits (the booze, not the boos)? Fill your wine cooler, fridge, and bar cart with wines, beers, hard liquors, and more.

22. Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Halloween pumpkin spice latte. Selective focus

Think Powerpuff Girls but make it pumpkin. You can pair this food pun with pumpkin spice lattes (for the adults) and pumpkin spice hot chocolate (for the kids). Or try it with desserts like a pumpkin spice coffee cake.

23. Squash goals

A hearty bowl of roasted butternut squash soup is squad goals—or squash goals. Curried butternut squash soup and Thai coconut butternut squash stew are tasty alternatives for the creatives, too. Whichever soup you go with will hit the spot in this chilly weather.

24. I’ve got my eye on you

A giant chocolate peanut butter cheesecake topped with a massive bloodshot eye will give your guests hair-raising vibes. Not to mention, it’s a decadent dessert to end the party on a sweet note.

They may die laughing

Or probably roll their eyes at the cheesiness of it all. Still, these food puns will guarantee satisfied taste buds and happy stomachs all around. If you need help with the grocery side of things, Instacart offers same-day delivery from local stores near you. This way, you can focus on being creative and busy in your kitchen.



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