21 Easy Halloween Finger Food Ideas for Your Holiday Party



Sep 8, 2021

Finger foods are fuss-free snacks that will fill up your guests while minimizing clean-up duties at the end of the party. Plus, there are countless finger food ideas to cater to different taste buds. Best of all, they can be tailored to your upcoming Halloween party for a spooky and tasty time.

What are finger foods?

Finger foods are small food portions meant to be eaten with your fingers. In other words, they don’t usually require a knife and fork. Instead, skewers, toothpicks, and in some cases, spoons are provided to consume these foods.

Best Halloween finger food ideas

If you’re looking for some finger food inspiration this Hallow’s Eve, we’ve got you covered with our extensive list of Halloween-themed finger foods below.

1. Chocolate caramel corn

chocolate caramel popcorn on wooden background.

Put a spin on good ol’ popcorn and dress it up for Halloween. Drizzle white chocolate sauce and caramel syrup over the popcorn on a baking tray, then pop it into the oven to crisp it.

2. Mummy pigs in a blanket

A classic at every party and get-together, turn the average pigs in a blanket into mummified ones. Simply slice across the puff pastry in a few strategic places.

3. Mummified corn dogs

You can also reuse the previous finger food idea for corn dogs. As previously mentioned, make short, diagonal cuts across the breadth of each corn dog.

4. Severed finger mozzarella sticks

Add some gore to your party platter with severed finger mozzarella sticks. Place an almond slice at the end of each cheese stick to give the illusion of chopped-off fingers. Dribble some tomato sauce (kid-friendly) or hot sauce (for the adults) for a bloody appearance.

5. Oreo bats

Go batty with Oreos to indulge those with a sweet tooth. Break an Oreo cookie into two halves to make the bat wings, and position them under another whole, unbroken Oreo (which serves as the body). For the eyes, place small dark chocolate chips on large white chocolate buttons.

6. Supernatural pizza slices

Hands taking slices of halloween-themed pizza with pizza cutter

Pizza slices are another crowd favorite at every party. You can go vegetarian for your vegan buddies or pile on the meat for the meat lovers. Make it a Halloween-themed finger food by topping your pizza of choice with ghost-shaped cheeses and spider-shaped olives.

7. Jack o’ lantern ice cream bowls

To keep your guests cool, scoop some ice cream into mini pumpkin bowls. Decorate the front of each pumpkin with dark chocolate frosting to create an evil jack-o-lantern grin.

8. Spider web taco dip

You can’t forget the taco dip when brainstorming finger food ideas for Halloween. For serious spooky vibes, use sour cream to draw a large spider web on the surface of the dip, complete with spiders made out of olives.

9. Candy apples

Candy apples are another classic hit at Halloween parties. Poke a wooden stick through the top of a ripe red apple before coating it in a sugary mix.

10. Eye of newt

Nothing sounds more ghastly than isolated eyeballs staring up from a silver tray. Create your own eye of newt with hard-boiled eggs, topped with a dollop of pastel green dip (any flavor works!), and a black olive for the pupil.

11. Mummy or spiderweb brownies

Halloween mummy brownies, top view with spiders on a serving board with a wood background

Spider web or mummy-themed brownies are another tasty Halloween-themed finger food. Pipe spider webs onto baked brownies with white chocolate frosting for that eerie look.

12. Pumpkin deviled eggs

Pumpkin deviled eggs are an easy-to-make Halloween finger food idea. Slice a hard-boiled egg lengthwise, then cover the yolk with pure pumpkin puree shaped like little pumpkins. Sprinkle the puree with paprika powder, then position a small chive on the egg white to imitate a pumpkin stem.

13. Blood-soaked cupcakes

In need of Halloween party finger food ideas for adults? Give blood-soaked cupcakes a go. Dress up store-bought red velvet cakes with red raspberry syrup for a gory yet decadent dessert.

14. Gummy worm jello shots

Interest the kids at your party with colorful jello shots topped with gummy worms. It’s well worth the sugar high afterward!

15. Graveyard dip

Spooky Halloween Seven Layer Taco Dip: Turn a classic appetizer into a Halloween with of black olive spider .

The graveyard dip is another easy Halloween finger food to make. Get your dip of choice and cut a few tortilla sheets into miniature graveyard shapes. Bake the tortilla pieces until cooked, stick them in the dip, and serve with garnish.

16. Bloody mary shots

Another fun Halloween party finger food idea for adults involves alcohol (obviously). Mix a jug of Bloody Mary (tomato juice, vodka, and the essential spices) and fill up individual syringes for the ultimate party shot.

17. Eyeball tacos

Firstly, stuff taco shells with the traditional fillings. To create the “eyes,” place some sour cream on cooked meatballs, then add sliced olives on top. Arrange the meatballs inside the taco shells atop the fillings.

18. Strawberry ghosts

For this Halloween party finger food, dip strawberries in white chocolate sauce. Let the chocolate harden before drawing in ghostly eyes with some dark chocolate syrup.

19. Treat-filled snack board

Treat-filled snack board

Let your creative juices flow and create a Halloween-themed snack board. Do a mix of sweet and savory with baked goods, cheeses, sweets, fruits, nuts, and more.

20. Tomato soup with ghost croutons

Scare your guests with ghost croutons in tomato soup. Top toasted cheese slices with spooky faces made out of black olives, and arrange them in small bowls of soup.

21. Candy corn cobs

You will need edible cookie dough and candy corn sweets for a sugary twist on the usual corn on the cob. Shape the cookie dough into a small corn cob, then cover every inch of the dough with the candy corn kernels. Freeze the cobs for a few hours before serving.

Let them feast this Halloween

As you can see, finger foods are a popular addition for every party occasion, Halloween included. These snacks are (mostly) easy to make, require little clean-up, and can satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

Whether you’re looking for frozen food or other food products to serve up to your guests this Halloween, Instacart offers same-day delivery from local stores in your area. With your grocery shopping taken care of, you can spend more time preparing the tastiest Halloween-themed finger foods to wow your family and friends.

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