Halloween Baby Shower Food Ideas



Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The arrival of a new bundle of joy is always a reason to celebrate! If you’re planning a baby shower around Halloween, you can have lots of fun with spooky food and décor. A Halloween-themed baby shower is a unique idea your guests are sure to be talking about long after it’s over.

Not sure how to start? No worries! Check out these 20 creative Halloween baby shower food ideas:

Easy Halloween baby shower food ideas

It’s easier than you might think to infuse your baby shower with a little bit of Halloween fun! These Halloween baby shower ideas are tasty and exciting:

1. Baby mummy dogs

sausage baked in pastry "mummy" food for Halloween party or children's party

Mini hot dogs wrapped in phyllo dough to look like babies in a blanket are an adorable way to celebrate the coming of a new baby. Add little baby hats made of dough and dots of mustard to make eyes, and you’ve got a cute treat you can eat.

2. Baby pumpkin fruit platter

To make this fun dish, pick up a small pumpkin, draw a face, and put a pacifier in its mouth. Then place grapes on skewers and put them on the top of the pumpkin, so it looks like hair. Place it on a large plate and add grapes, strawberries, and other pieces of fruit around it.

3. Bassinet deviled eggs

Make deviled eggs look like a baby bassinet, then top them with Halloween-inspired tiny plastic baby dolls.

4. Pumpkin puke guacamole

Give delicious guacamole a Halloween twist by placing a pumpkin on a platter and adding guacamole, so it looks like vomit. Add pita chips around it to make the perfect baby shower snack.

Halloween themed baby shower desserts

Every shower needs something sweet to eat after the meal. Why not shake things up for Halloween and do something scary sweet:

1. Halloween baby shower cookies

Use cookie cutters to make sugar cookies in baby-themed shapes—like bottles and onesies—then use frosting, icing, and sprinkles to give them a Halloween twist.

2. Little pumpkin cake

For a cute and simple Halloween baby shower cake, either bake a cake in a pumpkin shape or simply make a plain cake and decorate it with orange frosting. Then add some Halloween-themed decorations and write “Welcome Little Pumpkin” on top.

3. Pink (or blue) candied apples

Pink (or blue) candied apples

Candied apples are a traditional Halloween dessert. Make them baby-themed by coloring the coating either pint or blue.

4 Mini jack-o-lantern candy treats

Fill small plastic jack-o-lanterns with your favorite candies to create a single-serve dessert for each guest. Add a sign nearby that says, “Help us welcome our little pumpkin.”

5. Halloween candy baby bottles

Fill plastic baby bottles with Halloween-themed candies like candy corn or orange and black jelly beans.

6. Skeleton chocolate-covered strawberries

Dip fresh strawberries in white chocolate, then use regular chocolate to draw skeleton faces. Keep the baby shower theme by also making some white chocolate colored with a bit of pink (or blue) food coloring.

7. Baby doughnuts

Use icing to draw eyes on round doughnuts, then add a colorful pacifier in each center hole.

8. Candied pretzel rods

Dip pretzel rods in melted white chocolate and roll them in pink or blue sprinkles. Stand them up in a clear rectangular vase filled with orange and black jellybeans or candy corn.

9. Mini oranges as pumpkins 

Tangerine jack o'lanterns made of tangerines and celery stick with spider decoration. These healthy halloween are fun food for kids on rustic wood table.

Want a healthy treat for your baby shower that’s still Halloween-themed? Peel up some mandarins or oranges, put a stick of celery in the center, and you’ve got instant mini pumpkins.

Creepy Halloween baby shower drinks

You don’t have to stop with Halloween baby shower food. Keep the theme going with these fun and creepy drinks:

1. Baby bottle mimosas

Give your mimosas a Halloween theme by making them with blood orange juice and (non-alcoholic) champagne. Remove the nipples from your baby bottles, add a straw, and use them to serve your drinks.

2. Baby shower punch

Combine your favorite juice in a large punch bowl with 7-up, then add pink or blue sherbet. Float Halloween-themed rubber duckies on top.

3. Baby doll ice cubes

Place tiny baby dolls in ice cube trays, add water, and freeze. Serve them in your guest’s drinks and make a game of it. The first one who notices their baby has been freed from the ice shouts, “My water broke!” and wins a prize!

Celebrate your new arrival with the perfect Halloween baby shower food

Make your new arrival’s celebration even more special with these unique Halloween baby shower food ideas. It’s easy to get all the ingredients you need using Instacart! Simply make your list, and an expert shopper will deliver everything right to your door. Try it today!



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