Ideas for Popular Food to Bring To a Block Party



Sep 10, 2021

What type of food can you bring to a block party?

Block party foods include snacks, side dishes, meals, and confectionery that’s easily served to a crowd. Often, block parties are cookouts, so typical cookout food is usually served, such as coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, and cheeseburgers.

You can also use a slow cooker to make large amounts of food ahead of time. For example, pinto beans with ham cooked in a slow cooker is a good choice as this dish is affordable and goes a long way. Likewise, your neighbors will savor over readymade fried chicken with corn salad. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy delectable lemon bars and a variety of readymade cakes. The options are endless, but here we’ve listed some of the best block party food ideas.

21 Popular foods to bring to a block party

Here is our list of block party foods you can make or buy:

1. Potato salad

Potato salad on a paper plate

You can never go wrong with this popular potluck dish. Buy readymade potato salad if you’re pressed for time, and pair this with some beefsteak for a block party.

2. Pinto beans with diced ham

As suggested earlier, make slow cooker pinto beans with cubed ham. You can also add bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and carrots for added flavor and color.

3. Lemon bars

This melt-in-your-mouth shortbread crust with its sweet and tangy lemon-flavored filling is a favorite block party dessert. You can buy ready-made lemon bars or make them with a convenient lemon bar mix.  

4. Savory pies

Savory frozen pies make for great block party food. You buy them premade and bake them in the hours leading up to your block party. Some lip-smacking savory pie flavors include bacon, egg, cheese, vegetable curry, and chicken and mushroom.

5. Readymade cakes

Get some ready-made cakes for a potluck. The sky’s the limit with cakes. You can get chocolate cake, red velvet, carrot cake, or banana creme.

6. Corndogs

corndog with different toppings

Corndogs are perfect for when you’re entertaining a group. They also pair perfectly with corn on the cob and a knob of melted butter.

7. An assortment of sliders

Take a tray of sliders to your block party. You can make a classic beef patty, meatball and parmesan, or sausage and bell pepper sliders. Sloppy Joe’s are tasty block party food, too.

8. Corn salad

This is always a winner at gatherings, especially among vegetarians. All you need for this are sweet corn, onion, salad dressing, bell peppers, celery, and tomatoes.

9. Brownies

Buy or make your own brownies with brownie mix. Choose from a variety of flavors like butterscotch, lemon, or chocolate.

10. Pizzas

You can bring mini or whole pizzas to a block party. Bake them at home, or buy them frozen in three cheese, mega meat, roasted vegetable, or pepperoni flavors.

11. Pumpkin pie

Overhead flat lay shot of a pumpkin pie in a tin with two slices of pumpkin pie on plates with forks.

Not many can resist a delicious pumpkin pie. If you’re making your own pumpkin pie, use your leftover pumpkin to make some carrot and pumpkin bars to bring along too.

12. A fried chicken platter

This is a favorite at block parties. Get some chicken, spice, and breadcrumbs, and fry your own. Or buy tasty ready-made chicken to take along.

13. Refreshing coleslaw

Coleslaw is great for cookout block parties. You can get it premade and just add mayonnaise, or you can make it yourself with grated raw carrots, cabbage, seasoning, and mayonnaise.

14. Pasta salads

Buy delicious readymade deli pasta salads. Choose from a range of favors like chicken farfalle, dill pickle, presto pasta salad, and Greek pasta salad.

15. Cheeseburgers

Grilled burgers on the grill.

Another classic party favorite, cheeseburgers, has always been on the top of the block party potluck list. To make, grab hold of some beef patties, sliced cheese, onion rings, hamburger buns with sesame seeds, tomato, lettuce, and dressing. You can serve these right off the grill at a cookout block party.

16. Lasagna

If you’re pressed for time, get ready-made lasagna. Guests often enjoy this with garlic bread, broccoli, or spinach salad.

17. Hotdogs

This is a go-to food for block parties. It’s simple to make and can serve many. All you need are hotdog rolls, sausage, onion rings, ketchup, or mustard. You can also add chips and baked beans to your filling here.

18. Sushi

Get sushi delivered to your block party. Guests can enjoy this rice, raw seafood, and vegetable delicacy with miso soup too.

19. Macaroni and cheese

Make some macaroni and cheese with macaroni pasta. Cook your pasta, and add a scrumptious cheese sauce. You can also make your own creamy cheese sauce. Grate cheese over the top, bake, and grill for a few minutes until golden brown. You can also buy premade boxed macaroni and cheese or the readymade type.

20. Tortillas or nachos

An overhead close up horizontal photograph of some spicy nachos.

Serve nachos with guacamole to the crowd here. You can also buy tortilla chips and serve them with salsa. You’ll need tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, salt, tomatillo, and red bell or jalapeno peppers for the salsa.

21. Egg salad with bacon bits

Boil a few eggs, and chop it up into chunky bits. Add your seasoning like salt and black pepper. Add mayonnaise to taste and some cooked diced bacon and avocado. You can also add some chives if you prefer not to use bacon.

The food you bring to a block party is meant to be shared

Every successful block party needs adequate preparation to make sharing possible! Whether it’s a cookout or picnic in a nearby park or a gathering in the street or parking lot, you’ll need tablewarechairs, and grill tools. That said, you may also be uncertain about where to find block party food. If so, you can browse Instacart for your food items, too!

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