20 Finger Foods for a Gender Reveal Party



Sep 9, 2021

What are finger foods for a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is a get-together hosted by expectant parents where the gender of the baby is revealed to family and friends. These parties are mostly theme-based, where food ideas could range from what the expectant mom craves to pink and blue-colored snacks. Table décor is usually gender-theme based too, with pink and blue balloons, plates, and napkins.

Gender reveal party food can also include traditional finger foods typically served at other types of events.

20 Best finger foods for a gender reveal party

The following is an array of 20 lip-smacking gender reveal party foods:

1. Vanilla cake Pops

Tasty white wedding cake pops decorated with sprinkles.

Make or purchase cake pops using vanilla cake. Use food coloring to dye the inside layer either pink or blue. Ice the cake with white frosting, and decorate it with pink and blue round candies.

2. Cupcakes

Buy chocolate cupcake mix and bake them. Once baked, apply pink frosting to half of the batch, and blue frosting to the other half.

3. Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Purchase a box of strawberries and some white chocolate. Melt the chocolate, and mix part of the chocolate with pink food coloring and blue coloring. Dip each strawberry with either the pink or blue chocolate mixture.

4. Pickles

These are commonly known as mom-to-be craving food. Pickles can be eaten on their own. You can buy whole dill bottled pickles or sliced bottled pickles for your party table.

5. Cheese, deli meats, and crackers

Arrange a selection of cheeses like blue cheese and cheddar with an array of crackers. You may also add deli meats to the platter and some sliced cucumber and tomato.

6. Pizza slices

Large collection of various pizza slices.

You may also add some pizza slices to your gender reveal finger food list. Be sure to buy one that includes a bacon topping like bacon and pepperoni, as bacon is popular craving food, too. This topping selection is highly popular with everyone.

7. Shrimp bites

Buy some frozen shrimp and sear them. Then, make some guacamole. Next, layer each shrimp with some guacamole before placing this onto a potato crisp.

8. Scones with blueberry and strawberry toppings

Buy or make a batch of scones. Add some whipped cream to each scone. Then decorate the scones with strawberries to compliment a girl gender theme or with blueberries for a boy theme.

9. Stacked mini pancakes

Once you’ve bought and made your premade mini pancakes, sprinkle them with sugar, and stack two or three together.  Use a skewer to secure the stacks. You can then garnish each skewered stack with a piece of fruit of your choice.

10. Homemade ice cream bars

Ice cream also falls under the cravings radar for expectant moms. Buy some strawberry and blueberry ice cream to make a colorful mix of blue and pink ice cream bars for your table. You can also use blue or pink popsicle sticks for your ice cream bars.

11. Mini granola bars

set of granola bars (muesli or cereal bar) isolated on white

These are a great source of energy for the health-conscious mom-to-be or guest. The protein in granola bars can also help curb cravings for the expectant mom.

12. A fruit platter

Chop up some of your favorite fruits and arrange them on a platter. Some possible fruits are grapes, diced watermelon pieces, litchi slices, pineapple, and cantaloupe slices.

13. Chocolate dipped pretzels

Expectant moms often craved this sweet-sour combination, making it an ideal snack for a gender reveal party. Buy some pretzels, white chocolate, and some pink and blue food coloring. Mix each color separately with melted chocolate before dipping the pretzels into the pink or blue chocolate mix.

14. Ring donuts

Buy some plain ring donuts. Mix a tie-dye frosting of blue and pink hues with some food coloring. Then add frosting to the donuts for an interesting, colorful display.

15. Deviled eggs

Stuffed eggs with mustard and yolk in a plate.

Make some deviled eggs, and add some cooked bacon pieces to the egg filling. You may garnish this with parsley. Alternatively, you could add avocado or dill to your filling here.

16. Gender-themed candies

In true baby gender style, get two empty baby feeding bottles. Fill one bottle with some Wilton blue candy melts and the other bottle with pink candy melts.

17. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a lightly fried delicacy and ideal finger food for any party. It has a delicious savory filling that usually consists of carrots, cabbage, chicken, or pork. Serve this with some cilantro and sesame seeds, and your guests will be asking for more.

18. Miniature chicken pies

These mouthwatering chicken pies are a perfect light snack for a gender reveal party, and they taste a lot like homemade pies. You can buy yours prebaked, heat it for a few minutes, and then serve. You also serve these with stuffed artichokes.

19. Mini taco cups

Get some premade mini taco shells, and fill these with a cooked filling comprising ground beef, cheese, and taco sauce. You can serve this with sour cream and salsa for extra zest.

20. Tortellini bites

Tortellini bites 

Buy some premade four-cheese tortellini bites with romano, ricotta, parmesan, and Swiss cheese. Fry it until golden brown, and then serve with a marinara sauce.

Savor an array of finger foods at a gender reveal party

Enjoy a range of the most scrumptious gender reveal party food—select savory snacks like pizza slices, meat and vegetable spring rolls, and shrimp. Or indulge your sweet tooth with an array of cakes, desserts, or candies. You can also enjoy wholesome snacks like fruit and health bars, or some pickles, or crackers and cheese. Acquire all the necessary food items for your gender reveal party with Instacart. 

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