20 Perfect Anniversary Cake Ideas, Designs, and Themes



Last Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Anniversaries are important milestones, and many opt to celebrate their love and commitment with celebrations. Whether your event is small or large, an anniversary cake is a staple found at most anniversary celebrations. Below we list some of our favorite anniversary cake ideas and designs, as well as some decoration options, to help you choose the perfect feature additions to your event. 

Top Anniversary cake design ideas

When it comes to cakes, there are plenty of options out there. Sometimes the sheer number of choices can make the process of selecting the right one overwhelming. One tried and true method for navigating your options is to look specifically at simple cake designs and narrow down your favorites. For starters, take a look at the following anniversary cake designs for couples we’ve curated that are sure to impress your crowd.

1. Floral

Art cake decorated with pink flowers and green leaves from mastic on a white background.

Floral cake designs are a classic for anniversary parties and can go well with a wide variety of party decorations. Floral accents can be added to a cake via frosting, plastic figurines, or handmade creations that use a variety of materials. This is a great choice for anniversary parties that include floral arrangements.    

2. Ribbons

Ribbons are another classic and elegant addition to any anniversary cake. While real ribbons made from silk or cloth may be used to decorate your party, buttercream, icing, or fondant can create faux ribbons to adorn your cake.

3. Bedazzled

To celebrate with some extra pizzazz, try a cake design that incorporates faux jewels or beads that will really add some sparkle to your anniversary cake. This option is great for anniversary parties that incorporate a lot of shine or glitz for a modern or flashy feel.

4. Pearls or strings of beads

Another classic anniversary cake design includes pearls or strings of beads. Plastic or edible faux pearls or beads can be elegantly wrapped around the cake to give it a classy look. 

5. Simple, symmetrical tiers

A modern take on anniversary cake designs incorporates a number of stacked, symmetrical tiers. This simple design can include a variety of decorations, or you can stick with classic colors and minor details to keep with the modern feel.

6. Images

Using an image of the couple to be celebrated is another common option for anniversary cake designs. A favorite picture of the couple together can be printed onto the surface of the cake, or a fun artist’s rendition of the picture can make the design more whimsical.

Unique Anniversary themed cakes

One of the quickest ways to narrow down your anniversary cake options is by selecting a beautiful design. However, you may also want to consider a custom anniversary theme cake that best suits you and your partner’s personal style. Take a look at the following anniversary cake theme ideas that can help make your special dessert really stand out.

7. Favorite memory or romantic milestone

A great way to customize an anniversary cake is to select a theme that is close to the celebrating couples’ hearts. A favorite memory that the couple shares, or a romantic milestone, like a proposal, are great options for anniversary party themes. Some couples opt for a throwback style that draws upon their original wedding cake design, a choice that can make the anniversary cake even more special.

8. Travel themed

Gorgeous custom travel themed wedding cake with edible world map, pink roses, and message

A couple who values travel may want to consider a travel-themed party. The anniversary cake can be designed to resemble a destination city that the couple loves or has special memories of. 

9. Retro

A retro theme can add some fun to your anniversary party. Retro themes can include a specific year, or a larger time period, and make cake decorations and party activities easy to plan. Think records, roller skates, or poodle skirts!

10. Decade

Similar to retro themes, a decade theme can include a decade that was special to the married couple or a time in history that was notoriously fun or upbeat. To make this theme more unique, consider cake decorations that showcase important milestones for the couple over this 10-year period.

11. Seasonal theme

Another anniversary cake theme includes a play on the season in which the couple got married. Winter anniversaries can be celebrated with white and blue icicle cakes, while flowers and notes of green can make a spring or summer anniversary cake shine. Warm tones and fall leaves make great additions to autumn-themed cakes.

12. Shared hobbies or interests

Shared hobbies and interests make for an easy theme and can make an anniversary celebration unique to the couple. Your cake can reflect the theme by incorporating key elements. Some common hobbies and interests include the outdoors, favorite movies or games, dancing, painting, or music.

More anniversary ideas and considerations

Selecting a design or theme for your anniversary cake is a good first step in planning your dessert menu. Your next step should then be to find the right cake toppers, flavors, and icing that will best suit your cake and your guests’ appetites.

13. Custom figurine cake toppers

A great way to make your anniversary cake unique is by selecting custom figurine cake toppers that resemble the married couple. These can be specially ordered to really resemble the couple, or general figurines may also fit the bill.

14. Anniversary year cake toppers

Instead of, or in addition to, figurines, you can also showcase the number of years the couple has been together by including numbered cake toppers to the anniversary cake.

15. Flavors

Pink mousse cake with mirror glaze and merinques

Next up is deciding on the flavor of cake you want for your anniversary. Vanilla and chocolate are classics that go over well with a crowd. However, custom flavors like red velvet, buttercream, marble, carrot, or lemon may also be a hit.

16. Icing

Last but not least is selecting the right icing flavor and color. White icing is a common choice since this color alludes to the classic white of a wedding cake. However, various flavors and colors are up for grabs depending on what kind of cake you’ve selected.

Anniversary party decorations to match the cake

Once you’ve selected the perfect cake, it’s time to coordinate your decorations and party supplies. The following list includes common anniversary decorations that can be customized to meet your party’s theme.

17. Balloons

Balloons can make any party much more festive. Helium balloons can add whimsy above your guests’ heads, while regular balloons can be scattered around the floor. You can coordinate your balloon colors or designs to match your anniversary cake or party theme!

18. Streamers

Party streamers are another common addition to anniversary parties and can be draped along the walls to add some fun to a room.

19. Confetti

Slice of a cake on plate

Confetti pieces can be scattered around table surfaces, including your dessert table, to glam up your anniversary party. These table decorations are an easy and quick way to tie a party theme together.

20. Banners

Party banners can be customizable to include the names of the married couple, or you can select generic banners to include congratulatory messages or specify the anniversary year.

Take your anniversary cake to the next level

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