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Central Co-op Grocery Delivery or Pickup

Central Co-op at 16th and Madison is a community-owned food cooperative located at the top of Seattleā€™s Capitol Hill. Open to everyone, seven days a week.

A complete grocery store dedicated to delicious and healthy food, sustainable practices and the Washington food economy, Central Co-op features a certified organic produce department, sustainable meat and seafood, an in-house deli and juice bar, a large selection of bulk goods and herbs, and extensive health and wellness section. We also feature hard-to-find products like raw milk, goat meat, and organic crickets.

With 15,000 worker and consumer owners from our neighborhood and the greater metropolitan area, our store is truly rooted in our community. As an independent and democratic business, Central Co-op:

+ Follows product guidelines that emphasize clean ingredients, Washington-based suppliers, Fair Trade, sustainable farming practices, and more

+ Is a quality employer with over 130 employees, that offers medical, dental and vision insurance coverage at 20+ hours/week. Central Co-op implemented an entry-level-wage of $15.36/hr in 2015

+ Will donate over $30,000 to non-profit organizations through our Community Partnerships and outreach programs

+ Has three departments that are certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture: Produce, Meat and Bulk

+ Works to promote food access, and raised over $8,000 from our owners and community for neighborhood food banks this year

+ Advocates to strengthen our regional food system, supporting the protection of pollinators, the responsible use of antibiotics in farm animals and more

+ Is guided by Ends established by our Board of Trustees who are democratically elected from our community by our Owners

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