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FAQs about tile and flooring

That depends on the tile and flooring you choose and your level of expertise. Peel and stick tiles are designed for novices without experience. However, laying down other flooring options such as traditional tiles and hardwood flooring requires a little more skill. If you've tackled DIY projects before, you might feel more confident in your abilities. Watch some online videos demonstrating the process to decide whether you can handle it. If you're unsure whether you can install the flooring yourself, then you might feel better hiring a professional to do the job.

Most tile and flooring products come with instructions for their installation. These instructions detail all the steps you should take, including preparing your surface. In most cases, you should remove the existing flooring. However, you can tile over existing tiling if it's in good condition. You should always clean your surface before laying new tile or flooring down. Trapping dirt, dust, and debris underneath your new floor may impact your finished job. Use a broom or vacuum to clean your surface before laying your tile or flooring down.

Traditional tiles need underlayment, which creates a waterproof barrier between the tiles and the subfloor. Laminate flooring also relies on underlayment for support. Without it, your floorboards could crack or separate at the seams.

Removing old tiles so you can lay new tiles or other flooring options is simple. Use the blunt edge of a hammer to break up a tile. Remove what you can by hand, then use a chisel to pry the rest of the tile away from your floor. Place the chisel against the edge of the next tile and tap on the back of it with a hammer. The pressure you make allows the tile to come away from your flooring. Repeat the process until all of your old tiles are unstuck.

This depends on what type of flooring solution you have. You can use flooring without adhesive, such as peel and stick tiles, straightaway. It takes a day or so before you can use a new hardwood floor without causing damage. Depending on the brand, tile adhesive and grout take between three days and one week to cure. You'll need to let this period pass before using a traditionally tiled floor.

Once this time period passes, you can move your furniture back into place and start walking on your new floor. If you've laid traditional tiles, you can also clean off excess grout after this time.

This also depends on your choice of tiles or flooring. In many cases, floors need nothing more than regular vacuuming. Vinyl and traditional tiles can withstand mopping, but the water can warp hardwood flooring. Specialist cleaners designed for your particular type of tile or flooring can be a great tool for spot cleaning. Online cleaning guides can also help you learn the best cleaning methods for your floors.