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Just Addice Orchids Indoor Plants for Delivery or Pickup

Just Addice Orchids Indoor Plants Delivery or Pickup

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Buy your favorite Just Addice Orchids Indoor Plants online with Instacart. Order Just Addice Orchids Succulent Plants, Orchid Plants, Bamboo Plants, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about indoor plants

Yes. Many plants are toxic to pets such as cats and dogs. For example, cats can get sick from eating peace lilies, Aloe Vera, jade plants, English ivy, and dumb canes. The odds are that if a plant is poisonous to cats, it's also poisonous for dogs and vice versa. We suggest that when you find a plant that you want, do some research to determine whether the plant is toxic to animals. 

Choosing an appropriate container for your plant is an important part of caring for it. You can use any vessel as a plant container, as long as it can allow water to drain but still hold soil. If you want a cute container specially made for potted plants, check Instacart for options to suit your desired plant. You might also choose to DIY a container with vintage items, such as an old drawer with drainage holes in the bottom.

Another important aspect of choosing a container for your plant is how much space your plant's roots need. If you choose too small of a pot, the plant's roots may overtake the soil and not get the moisture they need. You can find how much space your plant needs on the information tags accompanying many plants or through a quick search online.

Watering too much is often worse than not watering enough. Although you may be tempted to make a habit of watering your plant, you should water when the plant needs it. Different species will require different moisture levels. You should research your particular plant species to see how often and how much you should be watering your indoor plant. You can also download apps that let you know when to water each of your plants.

A good rule of thumb is to check the soil before you start to water. If the soil is still damp, you probably don't need to add more water to the soil. However, some plants favor wet conditions more than others. For example, if you watered your elephant ear as much as your cactus, you may end up with more of the first and none of the second.

You should not use regular garden soil for growing your indoor plants. Purchase potting soil to give your houseplants the nutrients they need to flourish. However, over time, your houseplants will use these nutrients until the soil's health benefits are depleted. Fertilize your soil according to the directions on your fertilizer and how quickly the plant uses the nutrients. Try to avoid fertilizing your plants during the winter since most plants don't actively grow during the colder months. 

You can repot your plants once every year or 18 months to ensure they are consistently supplied with quality soil. If you plan on repotting your plants, try to do so in early spring, before the peak growing season. Some plants are more susceptible to transplant shock than others. Look for tips online to properly transfer your plants from one container to another.

Check Instacart's offerings in your area to review your options for having indoor plants brought to your house. Instacart makes upgrading your living spaces easier. Simply download the Instacart app and fill your cart with your favorite indoor plants and all the supplies you need to take care of them. After you order, all you have to do is relax while an Instacart shopper does all the work for you.