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Tofurky Vegetarian Sausages for Delivery or Pickup

Tofurky Vegetarian Sausages Near Me

Buy your favorite Tofurky Vegetarian Sausages online with Instacart. Order Tofurky Vegetarian Sausages from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about vegetarian sausages

No. A vegetarian sausage wouldn't be vegetarian if it used an animal casing. Instead, the industry uses a synthetic casing. Vegetarian sausage casings are typically made from a polysaccharide that is water-soluble. Polysaccharide is a carbohydrate, similar to cellulose but without the animal-based ingredients. Most synthetic cases on the market are made from cellulose, which isn't vegetarian. The vegetarian casings work like traditional casings, coming in various widths and lengths and designed to fit sausage presses of multiple sizes. 

You can use a vegetarian sausage to make many traditional dishes. Vegetarian sausages come in a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, so it's essential to buy a vegetarian sausage that will go well with your dish. For instance, if you make a vegetarian pasta with a tomato sauce and want to add vegetarian sausage, you should look for one with classic Italian seasonings, like basil and oregano.

Vegetarian sausages are perishable food items and typically last only a few days to a week in a refrigerator. You can freeze them for more extended storage, but be sure to use vacuum-sealed bags to prevent freezer burn.