Dry Ice Delivery or Pickup

Dry Ice Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to dry ice

Having dry ice for your upcoming party, camping trip, or gathering is crucial, particularly for items that must remain cold for hours during the summer weather. When purchasing high-quality dry ice, consider how long you might need something to be cold or frozen. For example, when shipping something like a frozen piece of meat or popsicles, dry ice is necessary. However, when traveling with something that needs to remain cold until you get to your destination, like a refrigerated dinner dish for a potluck, regular ice in a cooler may be sufficient.

Dry ice is not always easily found, so plan ahead with Instacart to purchase a few days ahead of time while also adding any necessities you might need for your upcoming event that requires dry ice. Add a frozen drink or meal to your shopping cart and prepare for a cool time ahead, thanks to Instacart.

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FAQs about dry ice

Yes, absolutely, you must always wear gloves when handling dry ice. Always handle dry ice carefully and wear protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it, not just a plastic or latex glove. An oven mitt or towel will work if that's all you can find, but you must protect your skin. Touching dry ice for only a moment could be harmless, but extended contact actually freezes your skin cells and causes injury similar to a burn or other contact skin damage.

It is best to store dry ice in an insulated container. The thicker, the better, depending on how long you might need it. Do not store it in an airtight container, as those will explode due to the expansion of the carbon dioxide gas, which is what dry ice is made from. Additionally, ensure that the dry ice is always in a ventilated situation to avoid suffocation, as the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air will increase in an area that has evaporating dry ice.

Finally, don't store dry ice for too long in a freezer or refrigerator, although it might seem logical. The dry ice will cause the freezer to turn off the thermostat, resulting in the dry ice being used more quickly. However, if your freezer is broken, you can place dry ice in it to keep things frozen or cold.

Many restaurant owners will use dry ice for certain items, and it's handy in shipping and procuring products for the freezer and refrigerated aisles in the store. Instacart shoppers will be able to share more reasons from their experiences when they bring you your delivery. Just remember it's usually the larger stores, like warehouse club stores, where you'll get the best deals or, more frequently, find dry ice. Not all stores necessarily carry it, particularly if it's not camping season.

Another great reason for using dry ice is for going camping. As summer trips to the beach or the woods begin to happen, put your dry ice in a cooler, but first wrap it with paper, ideally newspaper. Then place the dry ice on top of your refrigerated food items such as meat or cheese in the cooler and wrap those items with the newspaper too.

Dry ice always lasts longer if it does not contact any water or anything wet. Any vacant space will cause the dry ice to evaporate (or sublimate, as it is known) more quickly, so pack it all close together. Another handy trick for camping is to freeze everything before the trip so it all stays cold for a longer period of time.

Using dry ice is a great idea for storing items that need to be kept cold, whether you're camping, packing, or even moving. Instacart offers several ways you can receive cold and frozen refrigerated items. Whenever you're purchasing items for your upcoming camping trip, party, or family event, remember to add dry ice to the shopping cart and prepare for a successful time without the stress of shopping on your own.

Our Instacart shoppers will help you, your family, and friends by getting not only your snacks and pantry necessities, but also all of your long-term needs like crushed ice, cubed ice, dry ice, and even grabbing the reusable cooler so you'll be ready to go as soon as the Instacart delivery arrives.