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FAQs about scallions

Scallions are very low-calorie ingredients that can add subtle flavor to your recipes. Below are the basic nutrition facts for one medium scallion, about 15 grams. The percentages are your daily recommended value for a 2,000-calorie diet.
  • Calories: 5
  • Total fat: 0
  • Cholesterol: 0
  • Sodium: 2 milligrams, 0%
  • Potassium: 41 milligrams, 1%
  • Total carbohydrates: 1.1 grams, 0%
  • Dietary fiber: 0.4 grams, 1%
  • Sugars: 0.3 grams
  • Protein 0.3 grams, 0%
  • Vitamin A: 3%
  • Vitamin C: 4%
  • Calcium: 1%
  • Iron: 1%

You should keep your scallions in the refrigerator. For the best results, place your scallions root-down in a jar of water to maintain their freshness. This should make your scallions last for up to two weeks. If you want to freeze cut scallions, you can lay them flat on parchment paper in the freezer until they are frozen, then place them in a sealable plastic bag. Frozen scallions will last up to a year in the freezer.

Look for signs of slime in your scallions to tell if they have gone bad. You'll also want to look for any discoloration or signs of mold in your scallions before you use them in your recipes. Your final check should be with your nose. If the scallion smells off at all, throw it out or put it in a compost.