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FAQs about green okra

No matter what you're making with your green okra, it's absolutely necessary to wash it. This removes dirt and any sprays that may be on the skin, but it also serves another purpose! Run large okra pods under cold, running water, and rub them with a scrub pad, vegetable brush, or similar tool. The larger okra gets, the more fibrous it becomes, and the larger pods grow fuzzy spines that have an unpleasant texture. The next absolutely necessary step is to dry your okra. Drying the okra thoroughly before cooking prevents "mucilage." More on that below. 

The last step before cooking is to remove the stem and top. This part of the plant is woody and fibrous, which is no good for eating. So use a paring knife to snip the tip, and your okra is ready to cook!

The flavor of okra is fairly unique. It has a mild flavor that's sometimes compared to green beans or eggplant. The texture of okra gets more attention than its flavor, though. If cooked quickly, okra becomes crunchy, but if it's cooked slowly, the pods become mouthwatering, tender, and almost creamy.

Yes, you can! As mentioned above, one of the best ways to avoid this sliminess, or "mucilage," is to dry your okra pods before cooking them completely. A Southern trick for reducing slime is to soak the okra in vinegar for thirty minutes. Overcrowding okra in the pan is another common culprit for mucilage. Choose a cooking method, like roasting or frying, that allows you to give the okra ample space for heat circulation. Doing so reduces the liquid they release, preventing the slimy texture you want to avoid. Frying, grilling, or sauteing over high heat helps with liquid release as well.