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FAQs about tarragon

Tarragon is bittersweet and has a very warm and aromatic flavor similar to fennel, anise, or licorice. Some foodies even describe it as having a hint of vanilla flavor. What makes it different from fennel or anise is its light, peppery spice and the cooler sensation of mint that the herb gives its dishes. With this warming and cooling combination of flavors, tarragon provides a unique, tingly sensation on the tip of your tongue.

Many chefs associate the taste of tarragon with spring. It pairs well with mild meats, like salmon and chicken, and acidic flavors like vinegars and lemon juice. It also brings a bright flavor to veal, rabbit, and eggs. It's commonly used to prepare baby veggies like artichokes, asparagus, and carrots. Keep in mind the potency of tarragon's unique flavor when using it in meals. 

Recipes for tarragon vary from soups to salads to meat rubs. Béarnaise sauce is a butter-based sauce that uses the anise scent of tarragon paired with white wine vinegar, egg yolks, lemon juice, and minced shallots. They typically serve the sauce over white meat. Recipes for warm potato salad sometimes call for tarragon, and it's a favorite addition to crab cakes.

Spoiled tarragon is soft and discolored. If it has an off smell, you should throw it out. The same is true if the leaves have wilted, browned, yellowed, or become greyish in color.