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FAQs about raspberries

Yes. Raspberries are low fat and high in dietary fiber. They are rich in vitamins, containing 32% of the RDA of vitamin C, 32% of the RDA of manganese, and 26% RDA of dietary fiber. They also contain lesser amounts of vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, zinc, and RDA Raspberries have only 4% sugar and no starch, making them a low-glycemic food.

Raspberries contain phytochemicals, which scientists believe contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system. Phytochemicals have also been linked to improved brain function and the prevention of certain types of cancer.

While technically edible, raspberry leaves don't have a pleasant flavor. The leaves have been used for centuries in herbal remedies, though scientists hotly debate the efficacy of these medicines. Raspberry leaves often get used in herbal teas for their astringency.

The black raspberry shares many of the same traits as the red raspberry because they come from the same genus of plants. The color of raspberries can be black, red, yellow, purple, and blue. Red raspberries have been crossed with other plants to create various new cultivars like the boysenberry, tayberry, marionberry, and loganberry.