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Buy your favorite Kosher Rosalynn Apples online with Instacart. Order Kosher Rosalynn Apples from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Rosalynn apples

Rosalyn apples are tart, yet sweet, with notes of cherry flavor. They are crisp yet juicy, making them a delicious treat on their own or within a variety of other recipes. It makes a great dessert apple with its sweetness but can also stand on its own when cooked or eaten fresh. As they are slow to brown when they have been cut open, they are a great choice for salads, cheese plates, or children's lunches. They also do well in savory meals, such as an addition to Brussels sprouts, with roasted chicken, or in any other dish that calls for apples.

Like other apples, Rosalynn apples come with many health and nutritional benefits. Apples have 20% of the daily recommended intake of fiber, helping to promote healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems. Rosalynn apples can benefit bone health, contain Vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system, and have potassium for heart health. As Rosalynn apples are certified organic, they also do not contain chemicals that may negatively impact your health.

The parentage of the Rosalynn apple is unknown as many other varieties are grown in the same orchard. But, they are similar visually to an Opalescent apple with its shape and coloring. If you are looking for a non-browning apple, the Opalescent apple also does not brown and is grown in the same area (Washington) as the Rosalynn apple. It is also considered an organic variety, while many other slow-to-brown apples are often genetically modified to preserve the flesh. The Opalescent apple may be a good option to try if you are looking for something similar, although both have their own distinct qualities.

It's not often that a new variety of apples is discovered by accident, and the Rosalynn apple is an exciting addition to Washington state history. If you are struggling to find Rosalynn apples, Instacart can help! Use the Instacart app to find store locations near you that sell Rosalynn apples, and have one of our Instacart shoppers pick out the best for you and your family, saving you time, money, and energy. Rosalynn apples are one of the most unique and modern apples you can find, and Instacart can have them delivered to your door with same-day delivery in as little as 2 hours!