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The Instacart guide to Vienna sausage

About Vienna sausage

Vienna sausage has a storied history. Commonly considered the father of the frankfurter, Vienna sausage goes by several other names. In Germany, the hotdog is called Wiener Wurstchen, or simply wiener. In Vienna and Austria, it's referred to as Frankfurter Wurster. Eventually, the wiener made its way to America and, at first, was very similar in taste and texture to the modern hotdog, except longer and thinner. Traditionally, the Vienna sausage was made from spiced ham. Now there are many different ingredients. You can find them made from chicken, turkey, and beef, all with various flavors and sauces. 

Today, Vienna sausages in the United States are made by grinding the ingredients to a fine paste, mixing them with spices, and stuffing them into long casings. They are then smoked or otherwise cooked before being sold and eaten. During the 1950s, makers removed the casings, and the sausages were cut into short pieces and canned for resale. Vienna sausages are available in plain or flavored options and include everything from chili to barbecue. 

Vienna sausage enjoyed widespread popularity in the U.S. until the 1970s. Consumption of Vienna sausage has since declined. But, like the hotdog, it has captured a firm place within the American diet. Vienna sausage can be eaten straight from the can cold or added to various recipes and served hot. Over the years, it has been used as an appetizer and entree, and its versatility stems from its ability to take on additional flavors when seasoned or cooked. 

Numerous companies make, cook, can, and sell Vienna sausage in the U.S. today, but canning the meat began several hundred years ago. It started with the French fighting wars in several faraway countries and needing to find new ways to preserve food.

France's Society for the Encouragement of Industry, backed by the French government, held a contest for creating a breakthrough in food preservation in the late 1700s. By 1809, the French chef and inventor Nicolas Appert created the canning process for meat with a soldered-shut tin. It took him 15 years to perfect it, but it earned him the top prize.

Vienna Sausage Near Me

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FAQs About Vienna Sausage

Vienna sausage has an incredible shelf life while in the can, lasting up to 5 years. They must be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight for best results. Adding Vienna sausage to your pantry doesn't come with the same risk as other canned food. Whether you are stocking up for the zombie apocalypse or just want to keep a few on hand for snacks, the Vienna sausage is a no-brainer.

Each can have an expiration date or use-by date, either on the label or stamped onto the can's top or bottom. With any use-by date, you should be careful about eating the contents after this date.

Besides reading the can's date, you can give Vienna sausage the good old-fashioned eye test. Any discoloration is a sign that it is bad. Discoloration, usually a gray tint to begin, is a sign that oxidation has occurred. Even in canned meat, there are mistakes made during the packing process. Storing Vienna sausage improperly can also lead to spoilage. If it smells sour or otherwise makes you wince with a sniff, don't eat it.
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