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Jennie-O Ground Turkey Delivery or Pickup

Jennie-O Ground Turkey Near Me

Buy your favorite Jennie-O Ground Turkey online with Instacart. Order Jennie-O Ground Turkey from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about ground turkey

Compared to ground beef, ground turkey is healthy. It's not as healthy as a salad of comparable size and calories, for example, but if you want to make a dish that calls for ground beef, ground turkey has less cholesterol, less saturated fat, and fewer calories. Ground turkey is a great source of vitamins 12 and B-6, as well as lean protein. If your ground turkey is made with dark meat, it will have more fat content, but more nutrients. However, it will have to have quite a bit more fat compared to the same serving as ground beef.

Be sure to read the package of any ground turkey you purchase, as nutrition facts vary from brand to brand.

As we mentioned above, you should choose ground turkey with the leanness percentage you want for your recipes. As with anything you purchase from the grocery store — especially meat — you should take a look at the expiration date, too.

Try to only buy ground turkey that you're going to eat within the next five days. Keep your turkey in the refrigerator on a low shelf to avoid contaminating other foods if it leaks. Before consuming, look for signs that the ground turkey has gone bad: sliminess, bad smells, a gray color, etc. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to throw the ground turkey away.

If you buy ground turkey and can't get around to making it before its expiration date, you can freeze it in its package or place opened meat into a plastic freezer bag. Only thaw frozen ground turkey if you plan on eating it within 24 hours. To thaw, you can place the turkey on the lowest shelf of your refrigerator. Frozen ground turkey should stay good for around three or four months.

When you're ready to start shopping for ground turkey and all the other ingredients you need to make dinner, download the Instacart app or visit our website. You can shop at some of your favorite local stores directly from your phone. Fill your virtual cart with your items, choose between pick-up or delivery if it's available, and let the Instacart shoppers take on your shopping list! When you're short on time, a trip to the store can be stressful. Let Instacart handle it!