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FAQs about pork fat

Yes, pork fat is keto-friendly. The use of pork fat as a cooking oil and ingredient is encouraged because of its flavor profile. Pork fat can be used to baste other meats or drizzle over vegetables to make them tastier. It's also excellent for use in a warm vinaigrette. If you bought pork fat with the skin on, you can cut up the skin and make it into pork cracklings, a keto-friendly snack.

The flavor imparted by the pork fat depends on where the fat originated from. If you're using belly fat, then yes, your food will pick up a flavor that has a strong bacon taste. Bacon comes from the belly portion of the pig, as does pork belly. Pork fat trimmed from the belly will have a flavor profile that resembles both of these cuts. Leaf lard has little to no flavor, and rendering removes what little flavor there is. The lack of flavor is what makes it perfect for use in certain types of pastries. 

Yes, you can use pork fat in your sausage mix. Adding pork fat into the mix adds oil to lean meats such as venison and makes it tastier. You can also use it to add another flavor to your final product. Pork fat adds a creamy texture and won't overpower the flavor of the spices and meats used in the sausage recipe.