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Simply Sprouted Poke Delivery or Pickup

Simply Sprouted Poke Delivery or Pickup

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Buy your favorite Simply Sprouted Poke online with Instacart. Order Simply Sprouted Poke from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about poke

Poke is as safe to eat as sushi. Provided you're getting either your ingredients or the dish itself from a reputable shop, you can be sure it is safe. Because the fish is raw, make sure it is adequately seasoned and only eat poke from trusted sources.

Bring your fish home from the store packed in ice, just like it is stored at the shop. Consume your fresh fish raw within one to two days from purchase and keep it on ice until you eat it. Do not use knives you use to slice raw fish with other foods. Whatever touches the raw fish should only touch the raw fish. To avoid contaminating other foods, use a separate surface to prepare your fish and only mix everything together once you're ready to consume it.

Traditionally, poke is sliced raw fish with seasoning and vegetables, often served as an appetizer only. However, modern versions of the poke bowl include hearty additions, like rice and noodles, to make the dish truly a meal.