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FAQs about sports drinks

It's best to consume sports drinks when you're physically active. These beverages are designed to provide the body with what it needs when it's exercising. You'll get the greatest benefit from sports drinks if you consume them after at least 45 minutes of intense sports or heavy exercise. These drinks are especially useful in hot, humid weather that causes you to sweat more.

If you're not physically active, you won't get the full benefits designed to come from sports drinks. In these instances, you may only get the additional calories. It's better to choose bottled water instead if you're sedentary. You can order a wide range of bottled waters through Instacart as well.

No, most sports drinks do not contain a high amount of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Gatorade has about the same amount of sugar as whole milk, while 100% apple juice or Sunny Delight contains twice that amount of sugar. In January 2010, Gatorade removed high fructose corn syrup from both its Gatorade and G2 beverages. The taste remains largely unchanged.

While an excessive amount of sugar is harmful, sugars and carbohydrates can provide essential fuel for the body when your muscles work hard. In small amounts, this sugar can help increase fluid absorption for faster rehydration.

You hear a lot about electrolytes in conjunction with sports drinks. Electrolytes help support physical performance so that you can do your best in the gym, on the field, or anywhere else you're engaged in physical activity. There are many types of electrolytes. The most common are chloride, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

Electrolytes help trigger muscle contractions, which allow your body to move. They also support nerve impulses, so your brain can communicate more effectively with the rest of the body. Your body loses electrolytes through perspiration, so a well-formulated sports drink can help replenish what you've lost to keep your body functioning optimally.

The number of sports drinks you'll need depends on your physical activity and the conditions you're working out in. For about four hours of exercise or sports, you'll need 1-2 cups of a sports drink. You may need another 1/2-1 1/2 cups over each two-hour period after that if you're not producing light-colored urine.

Increase your intake of sports drinks if you're working out in hot, humid conditions, producing a lot of sweat, or wearing heavy sports equipment. You may want to alternate sports drinks and water, so you're not relying entirely on a drink like Gatorade for your hydration.

No, sports drinks and energy drinks are not the same. Energy drinks rely primarily on caffeine to give you extra energy. While they can provide a quick burst of energy, they can also lead to a slump later, especially if you're not consuming enough food or getting enough sleep. Energy drinks may also be high in sugar.

Sports drinks are not designed to boost energy with caffeine. Rather, they're made to support athletic performance. The primary purpose of a sports drink is to provide hydration and replenish electrolytes. While sports drinks contain a small amount of sugar, this is included primarily to produce carbohydrates that are burned during physical activity.

You can order a variety of sports drinks through Instacart for convenient delivery the same day. Stock up ahead of your next sports event or scheduled workout so you'll have the fuel you need to keep pushing forward toward your goals!