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FAQs about non-alcoholic wines

Many people use the terms "alcohol-free" and "non-alcoholic" to mean the same thing. Technically, though, alcohol-free beverages and non-alcoholic beverages are not quite the same. Although both are considered de-alcoholized, alcohol-free and non-alcoholic wines may have different levels of ethanol (that's alcohol!) in the final product you drink.

Non-alcoholic wines have trace amounts of alcohol in the final beverage. That amount is typically minimal; in most cases, the alcohol left is less than 0.5%. That's similar to fruit juices that aren't pasteurized, so you might get around the same amount of alcohol in a non-alcoholic wine as you would in homemade orange juice that ferments for a few days. Alcohol-free wines, however, contain 0% alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beverages are not as time-consuming to produce as truly alcohol-free beverages, since making something alcohol-free requires repeating the de-alcoholization process many times. Non-alcoholic wines also maintain a taste closer to standard wine.

If you're thinking about buying non-alcoholic wine for the first time, you might be asking yourself if non-alcoholic wine is just grape juice. Non-alcoholic wine is actually a lot more similar to regular wine than it is to grape juice! Wine is made by fermenting grapes, a process that converts sugar to alcohol while retaining aromas and flavors of a given grape variety. Many non-alcoholic wines are made using traditional winemaking methods before gently removing the alcohol.

Grape juice is simply unfermented juice that comes from grapes. Because grape juice doesn't go through the fermentation process, it's typically a lot sweeter than wine.

All in all, taking alcohol out of wine doesn't turn it back into grape juice. Non-alcoholic wine goes through a similar process as any other wine. Non-alcoholic wine even undergoes the same aging process as standard wine in oak barrels, stainless steel tanks, or barrels.

You can enjoy non-alcoholic wine on its own, but you can also use it to make your favorite drinks — like sangria! Get a non-alcoholic version of your go-to sangria base to put together a non-alcoholic version of this tasty beverage.

A non-alcoholic merlot or red blend is a great choice for a classic sangria, but you can easily find a sangria recipe that suits your personal tastes. You'll also need lemon juice, orange juice, and simple syrup, not to mention slices of your favorite fruits to mix in (think oranges, lemons, and limes). Slice your fruit, and mix your non-alcoholic wine with the juices and simple syrup. Stir the mixture thoroughly before adding in sliced fruit and ice. Then serve and enjoy!

Alcohol is typically removed from wine just before the wine is bottled. Two main processes for removing alcohol from wine to make the non-alcoholic variety exist: reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation. Both processes take real wine with the usual alcohol content and transform it into a beverage with little to no alcohol.

Reverse osmosis filters out aroma compounds and phenolics. Then, the alcohol in the wine is removed via distillation. Once the alcohol is removed, the remaining water gets added back into the wine concentrate that has been filtered out. The process requires two to four passes to get all the alcohol out of the wine. Vacuum distillation, on the other hand, uses a vacuum chamber to evaporate wine. The process is similar to boiling but takes place at a lower temperature.

Finding great-tasting non-alcoholic wine can feel like a challenge when you don't know where to look, but Instacart makes finding non-alcoholic wines to love easier than ever before. Make your day a little easier, and order your favorite non-alcoholic wines on Instacart today!