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Christian Brothers Dessert Wine Delivery or Pickup

Christian Brothers Dessert Wine Near Me

Buy your favorite Christian Brothers Dessert Wine online with Instacart. Order Christian Brothers Tawny, Chocolate Wine, Ice Wine, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about dessert wine

Store all dessert wines around 55 degrees with a humidity level of about 70%, and keep the bottles in a dark location. Once you open your bottle of sparkling or lightly sweet dessert wine, keep it in the refrigerator and use it within 5-10 days. Richly sweet dessert wines, as well as fortified wines, have a high alcohol content and when stored properly can age for up to 50 years.

Once you open high-alcohol dessert wines such as richly sweet or fortified wine, they'll last for several months when stored properly. Sweet red wines can keep for several years, but once opened last up to three weeks in the refrigerator.

Generally, people sip slowly on dessert wines, and a 2oz pour is a normal serving size. To enhance the flavors and aromas of dessert wines, serve them in specialized port or sherry glasses. This style of dessert wine glass has a small, compact shape with a long stem and tapered rim. Ideally, you want to serve your dessert wines in crystal glasses, as the glassware refracts light and enhances the color of your wine. Serve sparkling dessert wine in a flute.