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The Instacart guide to brandy products

Traditional brandy is produced by distilling wine and then aging it in wooden casks. Brandy falls into two overarching categories based on the type of fruit used in the vinification process of the original wine before distillation. Brandy contains between 35-60% alcohol by volume (ABV) or 70-120 proof. Brandy made from fruit wines like strawberry, blueberry, or any other fruit instead of grapes is categorized as fruit brandy.

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FAQs About Brandy

The bottle should be stored upright in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing brandy to high-temperature fluctuations. Once you open the bottle, the contact with oxygen will slowly cause the alcohol to evaporate. Be sure to keep opened bottles in an airtight container. Brandy can turn like wine after the bottle has been opened, sometimes after only a few days if not stored properly.

The taste varies widely depending upon the fruit used to make it. In general, brandy is sweeter than whiskey or bourbon, with flavors of fresh or dried fruit, flowers, and citrus zest. The longer a brandy ages, the smoother it tastes on the palate and throat.

Yes, brandy can be chilled before drinking. When cooled, brandy becomes thicker and smoother and doesn't burn as much as warm or room temperature brandy. It's best to chill the bottle rather than pouring over ice if you prefer your brandy chilled. Shaking brandy in a shaker can bruise the brandy and affect its flavor and should always be stirred as part of a mixed drink.
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