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FAQs about arrack

“Arak” can refer to arrack in general or a spirit in Turkey and the rest of the Middle East that's also called raki. This liquor is made with anise and raisins, figs, sugar beets, molasses, or grapes. It's clear, but the anise oil in it makes it a cloudy color when you add water. People call arak Lion's Milk or The Milk of the Brave because of this phenomenon.

Arrack was the original alcohol in used punch, and it still tastes great with fruit juice or ginger beer. You can also try a Tusker, which is made with arrack, lime, peach bitters, and egg whites, or a Tusker Margarita, which is made with arrack, orange marmalade, Triple Sec, and lime juice. The Island Currency contains pineapple juice, paprika syrup, and arrack. After dinner, enjoy the Kandy with crème de cacao, vanilla, Frangelico, and an orange twist. The Arrack Strap comes with blackstrap rum, Batavia arrack, sweet vermouth, Campari, demerara syrup, mole bitters, orange bitters, and an orange twist.

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