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Buy your favorite j5create Cables & Cords online with Instacart. Order j5create Surge Protectors, Switches and Adapters, Charging Cables and Cords, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about cables and cords

Explore the features between a Type-A and Type-B cable below:
  • Type-A cable: This cable is most commonly used with power outlets or computers. When charging your devices, you'll connect the USB-A side into a USB plug or a computer or laptop. 
  • Type-B cable: This cable is an almost square connector. It is mostly used for powered devices, such as printers or external hard drives, that connect to a computer. 

You'll likely encounter the following types of cables and cords on the market:
  • Mini-USB cable: This smaller connector type was standard for smartphones before micro-USB. Although it's not as common today, you'll still see it on MP3 players and some cameras. 
  • Micro-USB cable: This type of cable allows devices to read data without a computer. For example, you can connect memory sticks or flash drives directly to your mobile device. 
  • USB-C cable: USB-C cables allow a higher power flow and high-speed data transfers, allowing your mobile device to charge more quickly. A USB-C cable is also reversible and can be plugged in either way to a device.
  • Lightning: This item is not a true USB standard but is Apple's proprietary connector for the iPad, iPhone, AirPods, and other Apple products. 
Whether you are replacing old cables and cords or setting up a new computer system, you'll find the cords and cables you need on Instacart. 

When you are in the market for a new cord or cable, choose those that come with thick external wires instead of the thin and slim ones. Cables or cords with thick exteriors usually have bigger or thicker wires within them, allowing more electricity to pass through them and supplying more power to your device's battery.

Also, thicker cables allow for faster throughput and data transfer. On the other hand, slim cables can get hot or warm during charging, and they usually have reduced efficiency when it comes to data transfer and charging speed. You'll find a variety of USB cables for less with Instacart. Instacart delivers many items to help you set up your computer, including audio extension cables, printer cables, power cords, and more. 

When buying a cable or cord, you'll want to consider its price. Generally, a cable or cord is not exactly expensive, but when you compare properties such as durability, brand, quality, thickness, length, and overall construction, the prices will vary. The money you spend on a cord or cable will depend on your budget or how much you're willing to spend on a cord or cable. In general, the higher a cable or cord costs, the better its quality will be. 

When buying a cable or cord, make sure to choose one that a reputable brand manufactures. Buy cables or cords manufactured by the same brand that made the device you want to use the cord or cable with. For example, if you use a Sony smartphone, you should purchase a Sony-branded USB cable from a certified Sony store. 

You can also purchase cables and cords manufactured by another reputable accessory company, but make sure you read reviews to avoid purchasing a fake cable or cord that doesn't perform well. 

You can easily shop for cables and cords via Instacart. You can search by category, customer rating, price, brand, connector type, and special offers. Instacart offers same-day deliveries for your orders, a feature that makes Instacart a convenient choice when you need electronic accessories, such as cables and cords! Shop with Instacart for an easy way to access the electronic accessories that you need.