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FAQs about antiperspirants and deodorants

It all depends on you and your body's needs. An antiperspirant stops you from sweating by blocking your pores. If you naturally sweat a lot, then an antiperspirant would be the better option. If you are only concerned about blocking odor, then a deodorant may be the better choice. 

Yes. If you are experiencing heavy sweating and odor, you can use both an antiperspirant and deodorant simultaneously. However, there is a correct order to using the products. Apply the antiperspirant to your skin before you apply deodorant. Some brands combine both into one multifunction product, maximizing your sweat and odor protection. 

Since antiperspirants physically block the sweat glands, they are generally the best option if you have excessive sweating. The aluminum in these formulas will help to eliminate any wetness you may feel. If you have more than just the average level of sweat, a few brands have clinical versions that offer a high protection level. They recommend that this antiperspirant be applied to clean skin at night to be effective. 

In most areas, Instacart offers same-day delivery for your order. It is incredibly convenient, especially if you are running low on or are out of deodorant. Going out in person may not feel like a suitable choice. To make the process easier, ensure that your notifications are on in your Instacart app just in case your shopper needs to get in touch with you about store selection. If your chosen band or scent is out of stock, they will offer you an alternative. Your shopper may also reach out to you to give you an ETA on their arrival, or if they cannot find your home, they may ask for a cross street or more specific instructions. 

You can make changes to your Instacart delivery until your shopper starts working on your order. You can even reschedule if need be. Using Instacart is a simple way to shop for deodorant and antiperspirant.