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Buy your favorite Enoz Pest Control online with Instacart. Order Enoz Insect & Pest Repellent, Insect & Pest Traps, Insect & Pest Baits, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about pest control

DEET has come under fire in recent years, but it remains the most effective mosquito repellent available. Studies also show pest control products with DEET are safe to use as directed, so follow all instructions carefully. Spray directly onto the skin, avoiding the areas near your eyes and mouth. You can spray it directly onto your hands, then rub it into your face. You can also spray these pest control products onto your clothes for extra protection.

A little DEET goes a long way, so browse Instacart for pest control solutions with less than 30% DEET for adults and less than 10% DEET for children. Children younger than two months should avoid pest control products containing DEET. DEET can also make sunscreen less effective, so remember to reapply your lotion more often when using pest control products with DEET.

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free home makes your property less appealing to pests. Regular maintenance ensures pests can't find shelter or food in your home. Wipe down surfaces regularly and store food in airtight containers pests can't access. Regularly take out your trash and vacuum your floors. Minimize entry points by sealing along baseboards and windows and repairing damaged flyscreens. Using these methods along with pest control products is the best way to prevent and eliminate pests in your home.

Some pest control products contain chemicals that may harm children and pets, so you should choose your pest control products from Instacart carefully if your household has these vulnerable members. Sprays and repellents containing pyrethrum, an organic element found in the heads of daisy flowers, are toxic to insects but safe around children and pets. Pest control options made from diatomaceous earth kill bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas, but they are non-toxic and also safe around kids and pets. Pet traps and repellents, such as those that emit electronic pulses, are two more excellent options for parents and pet owners.

Most personal insect repellents are either sprays or lotions. When faced with these choices, you probably wonder which one is the most effective. You should check the active ingredients. The more effective the active ingredients, the more effective the repellent, no matter what form it takes.

Most people find applying an even layer of lotion on their body easier than evenly applying a spray. However, as lotions are thicker than sprays, some people do not like the way they feel. This thicker layer can also wash away if you're sweating, so you'll require more frequent reapplications. Repellent spray should stay put, even on hot, humid days. Both insect repellent sprays and lotions have their perks, but lotions can be more effective in cooler weather while sprays can work better when it's hot or humid.

You can minimize the risk of pest infestations by applying pest control products, such as baits and perimeter protection sprays, every second month. It also doesn't hurt to leave some pest repellents, such as mothballs and electronic devices emitting electrical pulses, around all the time. If you see pests in your home, you can step up your measures and set traps and spray products to wipe out the infestation. As you can't control the outdoor environment, it's also a good idea to use personal repellents whenever you're outside, especially in summer when many insects are most active.