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Buy your favorite Simply Done Laundry online with Instacart. Order Simply Done Fabric Dye, Laundry Detergent, Fabric Enhancers, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about laundry

If you've ever read your washing machine directions or the laundry detergent label, you know you need to sort laundry by colors. Most people will suggest sorting by whites and darks. Some cleaners will suggest a third category, brights. The reason for this is that dark colors/dyes can sometimes "bleed" dye. That dye will end up transferring onto your lighter items. 

In addition to sorting by color, it's beneficial to sort by weight of the garment. After all, your T-shirt will dry faster than a heavy towel or blanket will. Plus, if you separate by weight, you will likely keep the fuzzy items together, which will reduce lint from transferring onto other laundered items. 

It's also a good idea to keep towels away from your other laundry, as most fabric softener manufacturers will suggest not using heavy fabric softener on your towels. It weighs the threads down, decreasing their fluffiness.

While there are many best practices and preferences, there are only a few things you need to follow when washing clothes:

White clothes may dull, turn gray, or yellow over time. This can be due to dyes from other clothes the items were washed with or discoloration due to oils from our bodies or skin lotion. To keep the item white, wash it with other whites only, and in the hottest temperature the garment can tolerate.

Select a laundry detergent with a bleach alternative and enzyme action to cut the stains and keep the yellowing to a minimum. If you have heavily soiled whites, make sure you wash them with other soiled clothes, not pristine whites. You don't want dirt particles from a sports uniform showing up on your white sheets.

Keep in mind, your water quality could be harming your whites as well. If you live in an area with a high concentration of iron in your water, for instance, you may see staining occur over time.

Yes. Not only can new clothes be dirtier than they look, but they may also contain dyes or other things that can irritate sensitive skin. Contact dermatitis is a widespread result of wearing new clothes without washing them. Workout gear can be some of the most irritating when it's not washed ahead of time because of the combination of friction and sweat.

Aside from skin irritation, it's also a good idea to wash them because then you can control what the garment smells like and reduce any wrinkles or folds that exist from the way it was displayed in the store or packaged online.

Some of the chemicals used in clothes straight from the manufacturer can also irritate the lungs, causing problems with breathing. Plus, if you have a child who tends to put things in their mouth, including clothes, you'll want to wash them before they ingest something unhealthy.

You spend a lot of money on your wardrobe, and you want it to last. Unless your garment is very soiled or solid white, wash it in cold. Hot water tends to shrink and wear the item prematurely. When in doubt, refer to the care label.

Air dry your laundry. It will help you save on electricity costs and help them last longer away from the heat of the dryer. Wash clothes inside out. Vinyl letters and designs will be less likely to fade and crack, and the colors will remain more vibrant for longer. 

Treat your stains right away. Just remember, the longer the stains sit, the more likely they are to set. 

Order from Instacart today for help with all of your laundry needs, except folding. That's up to you.